4 most common reasons cars fail their MOT

The MOT is one of the most important pieces of maintenance and regulation that all cars on the roads go through. Even for cars that may not technically need one, annual MOT checks can help to spot and fix simple issues that could otherwise prove dangerous. This not only protects you as the driver when behind the wheel but also any passengers you have and other road users. Of course, many cars will fail their MOT and need some work doing to get them up to standard.

But what are the most common causes of MOT fails for motorists to know about?

Broken or damaged lights

An MOT is essentially a basic visual inspection that ensures your car adheres to the minimum safety requirements set out by the DVLA. Part of the MOT will be to test if your indicator lights work properly as well as checking if your headlights also work as they should. Bulbs that are broken or do not work anymore are the main culprit here and see many cars fail an MOT.



It is thought that around 14% of all MOT failures are due to tyre condition. This usually comes down to the tread depth being below the minimum legal level. Some cars will also fail due to tyre damage which naturally can be dangerous when driving around on them.

Wipers and windscreen condition

Another very common cause of MOT fails is your wipers. If, when tested, they leave any kind of smear on the windscreen then this will result in a fail. Similarly, if there is any damage to them when visually inspected they will result in a failed MOT. In terms of your windscreen, the major problem for many is a chip in it obscuring your view when driving. If this is present, then your vehicle will fail the MOT.


Of course, the other big player in MOT fails is brakes. If during the MOT excessive wear is found or wear patterns that are not normal, your car will not pass. Naturally, this will have to be fixed before your car is re-tested and hopefully passes. Find the best MOT centre online in your area What you will notice from all the above MOT fails is that they are critical driving components. This shows just why a regular MOT is crucial to keep you safe and your car in the best shape. To find the best MOT centre in your area and book in, use our handy online tool today.